Dr. Jos Beelen

Dr. Jos Beelen

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and The Hague University of Applied Sciences

Keynote 15 February, 2018, 9.45-10.30 am

Internationalising curricula: inventing the wheel in the STEM disciplines

It is now an accepted view that internationalisation of higher education involves more than sending a small percentage of our students abroad. Universities realise that they need to address their home curricula in order to internationalise teaching and learning for all students. Therefore, internationalisation at home has made its way into university policies.

However, this is not enough to ensure that internationalisation becomes a reality for programmes of study. One of the issues is that there are many misconceptions around internationalisation at home. Another issue is that internationalisation at home is different in every discipline and every context. Programmes need to ‘invent’ their own wheel, one that fits their own context, location and ambitions. Lecturers are the key players in this process and success depends on how well they are supported in internationalising teaching and learning for all students.

In this lecture, we will look at the main misconceptions and success factors connected to the internationalisation of home curricula. We will then discuss a number of aspects of internationalisation of curricula that are relevant to the STEM disciplines. These include the graduate profile in STEM programmes, the views and wishes of employers, technological developments and aspects of citizenship and sustainability.


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Dr. Jos Beelen is senior policy advisor at the Amsterdam School of International Business of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. He is also senior researcher at the research group ‘International cooperation’ at The Hague UAS and Honorary Research Fellow at Coventry University.

He was the editor EAIE’s ‘toolkit’ Implementing Internationalisation at Home (2007) and has since written a range of articles on this topic, often co-authored with researchers from Europe and Australia. He acts as a reviewer for the Journal of Studies in International Education (EAIE) and is a member of its Publication Committee. He chaired the Expert Community internationalisation at home of EAIE for a number of years and is also a certified senior trainer at EAIE.

Jos is currently doing research into the internationalisation of learning outcomes in academic programmes. One of the issues he focuses on is developing the skills of academic staff that enable them to assume ownership of curriculum internationalisation.

Together with researchers of The Hague, Rotterdam, Stenden and Hanze UAS in The Netherlands he is involved in launching the Centre of Expertise for Global Learning.